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Bollineni Hillside – The project of a lifetime…
June 2016

Many a time, we have been asked the most difficult question for any architect; what is good design? And how does it become a great design? Well, since the answer to this question has evoked mixed responses always, we decided to approach the task of creating a good design for the “Bollineni Hillside” project which we can now see would translate into something unique.

While we had to restrict ourselves creatively due to the archaic development control rules, our clients M/s BSCPL gave us more than adequate freedom to express our ideas uninhibitedly. So, we commenced our preliminary study on the fundamental requisites of ekistics; community planning and dwelling design.

We always believe that each and every dwelling design should not just contain the user but also stimulate the persons in that space. And this is where we were strikingly different from the designs of so many similar projects. Our apartments not only create a sense of individuality but also invoke a pride of ownership.

From the single bedroom units to the three bedroom variations, we have made sure that the end user would get spaces that are comfortable and yet practical too. For example, the kitchens have been designed such that a minimum of ten running feet of counter space is provided. Also, they have their own store space clearly designated too.

The living and dining spaces have an opulent feel to them as they open out into a full sized balcony through French doors and windows. This not only allows for maximum light and ventilation but also makes the spaces look refreshingly bigger. The bedrooms have been designed keeping in mind that every user would want to accommodate as much as possible into the space. Full height wardrobes, TV consoles and dressing tables can all find a way in; together.

The size and dimensions of the bathroom room very studied at length and after some very insightful suggestions from the Chairman, Mr. B. Krishnaiah, we finally achieved the perfect size; 5’3” X 9’0”. While most designers overlook the possibility of creating a more desirable space by adding those few extra inches, we felt that every home owner would appreciate the effort in the end.

Sometimes, the architect needs to dwell into the psyche of the buyer to understand the dynamics of his or her motley requirements. While most prefer their homes to be compliant with the basics of “Vastu Shastra”, the ancient science of construction, others are unwilling to compromise on optimum lighting and ventilation due to the fallacies attributed to “Vastu”. However, we have managed to create a dwelling design that addresses both these issues.

Every form is derived from its function and true to this philosophy we have strived to articulate this idea in our expression of the exterior elevation of each block. A simple combination of painted concrete surfaces and stone finishes form the minimalistic appearance which exudes a sense of sophistication and simplicity. The balconies are detailed in toughened glass and treated wood and the windows are of premium quality UPVC frames and shutters. Pre-engineered techniques (pre-hung doors, vanity counters, mosquito meshes, etc.) are used extensively to improve the quality of the finishes too.

Each of the blocks is distinctly arranged within the master plan to enhance their accessibility patterns and support the infrastructure and related amenities provided therein. Based on transportation studies, ample road widths have been allocated in every zone. Similarly, every apartment in a block has its own car parking slot which are approached through wide driveways.

The most important feature of any successful township is the amenities it offers. And “Bollineni Hillside” does not disappoint on this front too; a world-class Clubhouse spread over 160,000 sft will soon iconize the project into one of the most sought after residential townships of South India.

The Clubhouse will have restaurants, banqueting facilities, state-of-the-art business center, lounge bar, guest rooms, organic spa, snooker, table-tennis, world-class gymnasium, aerobics, yoga and meditation hall, squash courts, card room, library (books and video), movie theater, badminton and tennis courts, half-olympic size swimming pool and beautiful landscaped gardens. No doubt, this would complement the 1340 homes in the township. In addition to this, “Bollineni Hillside” would have nationally acclaimed primary and secondary schools soon too.

Special care has been given to making each dwelling space into an intelligent home. Access controlled entry points and dedicated “gas banks” are provided at the stilt level of every block. Also, in keeping with the design paradigm of creating “green homes”, each apartment block would have its own water (rain water harvesting) and power (solar panels) conservation policies as per statutory requirements.

As we often say, “no time spent on design is time enough” and we will continue to tweak our resources to offer you, the end user, the best possible design solution for all your needs. Our best wishes.

By S.A. Kharche;

S.A. Kharche came from England to India 45 years ago to set up his architecture practice. After finishing his stint with the Architecture Co-Partnership in London for 6 years, he got associated with Sir Charles Correa in Bombay. In 1971, he started his own practice “Kharche & Associates” and has designed and successfully commissioned more than 1500 residential, commercial, IT, medical, institutional and hotel projects all over India.

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