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K&A has partnered
with top local and international consultants for all allied
engineering design this offering a holistic solution to the design process.
good design to be design which truly embraces the needs of the user: the person or group who will use the space.
If we are demanding of ourselves, We are equally demanding of our clients. They are our partners. They are valued collaborators in shaping the program, determining a direction, and defining success. This close relationship is more than simply an effective way to manage a project. It is a necessary part of the design process. Our approach to architecture is rooted in the individual & perception of space. And perception rests with the perceivers, the people who live in, work in, and visit the building and site. We value their insight because ultimately it is through their interpretation and their questions that the building becomes resolved.
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We ideate a project based on a number of factors such as location of site, environmental and sustainability concerns, type of product desired, visual adaptability and cost impact. Our design process follows a holistic approach which develops the perfect building for its intended purpose. The integration of architectural design with all allied engineering aspects reduces the project timeline and regulates the construction cost.
We have resources for all related disciplines of architecture namely Structural Design, Electrical Design, Sanitary & Plumbing Design, HVAC Design, Fire Fighting Systems, IBMS Design and have in-house capabilities for Interior Design & 3-D simulated walkthroughs. We believe in quality design techniques through computerization processes to achieve cost effective construction. We also have a number of successful business partnerships with various international designers and engineers, which do reflect our global awareness of architecture design and its effective implementation.
Our Clients
We have a renowned list of satisfied clients with repeat business.Our list of clients vary from large corporate and multinational companies and top national real estate developers to individual land owners and aspiring building promoters.